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6/7/12 - Added two new songs, 'Midnight Odyssey' and 'Shining'. Reworked the music section of the site.

12/21/09 - Added three remixes, two of which have been finished since 2007: "Enough (Chip Mix)", and "Come One, Come All (Disco Mix)". The third is brand new, my first christmas themed remix: "Hark The Herald Angels We Have Heard On High (Christmas Disco)".

12/4/09 - Added two songs that have been finished for a while, "Lasting" and "Raining In My Heart".

3/13/09 - Photos Section added... guess I need to work on my definition of the word 'soon'.

10/18/07 - Completely new site design, new site host, and added a new song: "Ambient Mood". Also a photography section is coming soon.

9/4/06 - I finaly got around to updating the site, and added two songs: "Above The Sky" and "Nocturne in D Minor". I have been rather busy the last few months with a new job, so music writing has slowed down.

3/9/06 - New song added, "Binding In Unity", also I have started working on a myspace music site, if you like myspace check it out at

2/15/06 - Two new songs have been added, "Forever The Day" (which has been finished for quite a while...), and "Second Sunrise". Also, I now have a new computer and studio quality headphones (they are amazing), my mixing should sound a good deal better now!

9/2/05 - And my first completed orchestral (and piano) piece is up, "Question".

8/18/05 - Just finished my biggest project so far, "Sonata No. 1 in D Major"! This took a LONG time to finish.

7/7/05 - Hey, whats this? a new song "The Wanderer"! And some updates to the site...

1/1/05 - Ringing in the new year with an update of two songs! (ok, so this is actually on the 2nd, but I STARTED uploading on the 1st... slow modem) "Rant", and "Snow In The Moonlight". Rant has actually been finished for quite a while (sept. 25), but I didnt want to put such a chromatic song up on the site without some... balance.

9/19/04 - A new song has been added: "Fanestic", and ive added a couple new things to the music page (links to the source modules and sheet music where available).

9/8/04 - Whew, i've been lazy, but finaly added "Caravan" and "Mystery".

6/11/04 - A new piano solo added, "Sanctuary".

5/24/04 - Two songs that have been done for a while added, "Calling", and "Reaching Out".

3/26/04 - My first song using the expensive midi hardware (and unfortunately, a mac) at school has been finished - "Faith". Also, a new remix has been added, "Ballad of Angels".

2/3/04 - Well, this song has been done for a while, I was just being lazy about updating the site... "Unseen Promise" has been added.

12/30/03 - And RIGHT before the end of the year (or maybe a late christmas gift), "Chaos Wind" has been added. Also I updated my links and added a few more.

12/17/03 - Just finished a new song, "Waiting For A Storm".

11/16/03 - After a rather long delay, I finished another song, "Redemption".

7/21/03 - A new song, "Dreaming" is finished.

7/10/03 - Yet another song added, "Flying", and I have also FINALLY put something on the "about me" page.

6/24/03 - Another song is finished, "Breakthrough".

6/16/03 - A new song has been added, "Job's Rain".

4/13/03 - New song finished, "Sonatina In E Major".

4/10/03 - The site has been redone, and thanks to my friend who is hosting, my music is now available for direct download!

4/3/03 - I have finished a new song, "Walking In Eden".

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