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You can find links to the songs I have finished on this site, just click the title to download the mp3. So far, I have made most of my songs in Modplug Tracker.
If you wish, you can see a complete list of my songs (including many older ones not listed here) at directory of songs

I like to write music in a wide variety of styles, so this site is organized by what kind of mood I feel each song best conveys.
So, what kind of music do you like?

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 Midnight Odyssey
Date completed: 2010-12-01 Genre: Soft Rock
Notes: To me this song makes me feel as if I'm flying over the ocean at midnight.
 Ambient Mood
Date completed: 2007-08-07 Genre: Easy Listening
Notes: The original version of this was composed for a one hour songwriting competition, which it received second place in.
Date completed: 2005-08-30 Genre: Orchestral

 Snow In The Moonlight
Date completed: 2005-01-01 Genre: Easy Listening

Date completed: 2004-06-25 Genre: New Age

 Raining In My Heart
Date completed: 2009-06-20 Genre: Easy Listening
Notes: This was originally written as an encouragement for a friend who was going through a tough time.
 Nocturne in D Minor
Date completed: 2006-06-14 Genre: Classical(Romantic)
Notes: This song was written in an attempt to mimic the style of Chopin. A piano solo meant to be played on a relaxing summer evening.
 Sonata No. 1 in D Minor
Date completed: 2005-08-17 Genre: Classical
Notes: A full four movement 14 minute piano sonata
Get the module file here.
Date completed: 2004-06-02 Genre: Piano

Get the module file here. Get the sheet music here.
Date completed: 2003-07-21 Genre: Piano
Notes: A light and happy piece, a melody in octaves gives a charming feel, while accompanied by a complex harmony.
Get the (low quality) module file here. Get the sheet music here.
 Job's Rain
Date completed: 2003-06-09 Genre: Piano
Notes: Very old song of mine, but I still love it.

Date completed: 2010-07-27 Genre: Techno
Notes: Somewhat unusual song, features very low sub-bass and high leads.
Date completed: 2009-10-17 Genre: Demostyle
Notes: Another song that started out as an entry in a one hour songwriting competition. The rhythm is 9/8.
Get the module file here.
 Binding In Unity
Date completed: 2006-03-08 Genre: Rock (?)
Notes: Unique combination of instruments that flows suprisingly nicely.
 The Wanderer
Date completed: 2005-06-30 Genre: Demostyle

Get the module file here.

 Second Sunrise
Date completed: 2006-02-14 Genre: Gothic Rock
Notes: Smooth ambient strings lead over heavy guitars and a rock beat.
Date completed: 2004-03-17 Genre: Breakbeat

 Unseen Promise
Date completed: 2004-01-05 Genre: Rock

Date completed: 2003-11-14 Genre: Techno

 Forever The Day
Date completed: 2005-10-30 Genre: Chip
Notes: A chip tune I wrote for a compo using a sample pack.
Get the module file here.
Date completed: 2004-09-19 Genre: Chiptune
Notes: My second NES style chiptune, this one uses the VRC6 addon chip, which adds more voices. Made with MCK and MML.
Get the NSF file here.
 Reaching Out
Date completed: 2004-03-28 Genre: Chip/Techno
Notes: This is basically an attempt at manual synthesis - I started with 8 samples of basic synth sounds, and mixed them together.
Get the module file here.
Date completed: 2002-12-16 Genre: Chip
Notes: A chiptune for those of you who miss the days of NES music. 100% true to the NES, and recorded from emulated hardware.

 Hark The Herald Angels We Have Heard On High (Christmas Disco)
Date completed: 2009-12-14 Genre: Disco
Notes: Combination of "Angels We Have Heard On High" and "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing". Remixed with Disco bass line and beat, rhodes piano, strings, and synth vocals.
 MercyMe - Come One, Come All (Disco Mix)
Date completed: 2007-09-14 Genre: Disco
Notes: Everything a disco song needs: strings, Rhodes piano, disco beat and bass, and synth vocals. This originally started out as a chip mix, then I put in the disco octave bass, and couldn't resist going all the way disco.
 Chris Tomlin - Enough (Chip Mix)
Date completed: 2007-07-14 Genre: Chip
Notes: A very warm sounding chip mix, using more audio channels than is common in the genre.
Get the module file here.
 Final Fantasy 6&7 - Ballad of Angels
Date completed: 2004-03-07 Genre: Piano
Notes: A piano solo combination of Aeris' theme from Final Fantasy 7, and 'Aria de Mezzo Caraterre' from Final Fantasy 6 (also Celes' theme).
Get the (low quality) module file here.
 Yoshi's Island - Midnight Flight
Date completed: 2002-10-13 Genre: Piano and Strings
Notes: The credits theme from Yoshi's Island, much slower than the original.
Get the original here (spc format).

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